For all Neighbors is a politically independent community campaign created by Jennifer Dalton Vincent and Diego Arene-Morley.

Diego Tomas Arene-Morley, Campaign President and Candidate for Providence City Council, Ward 9, currently works as a high school teacher and clinical social work intern in Pawtucket and Providence, Rhode Island.

“I am a proud Elmwood neighbor, high school teacher, father, and social worker. Everyday I connect students and parents with teachers, administrators, and healthcare providers to ensure families have the resources they need to thrive.

I moved to Providence in 2012 from my hometown of Washington,D.C. to attend Brown University and to complete a year of service in Central Falls, RI as an AmeriCorps member. I started my professional journey in 2017 as a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and Program Manager for Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts (RICARES). Everyday, I helped people find their sobriety, wellness, and connection to a loving community. While at RICARES I also worked at the YMCA on Hope Street and Blackstone Academy Charter School (BACS) in Pawtucket. I still teach Public Health and Wellness to BACS high school students. Today, I’m completing my Master’s in Social Work from Boston University.

In September 2022, I’ll begin a clinical social work internship with the Interfaith Counseling Center co-located at Washington Park United Methodist Church and the Nonviolence Institute in South Providence.”

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Jennifer Dalton Vincent, Campaign Manager and Treasurer, recently completed her Master’s in Public Administration from University of Rhode Island after serving as executive director of Providence City Arts for Youth and director of business development at RICARES.

“I’ve lived in Elmwood for the past six years with my son and husband, Diego. We live with 8 housemates, ages 1 to 63! My favorite thing about Ward 9 is the Peace and Plenty garden, where I tend to a little plot of earth.

I moved to Providence in 2000 and have not left Rhode Island since. I’ve owned and operated a restaurant dedicated to local food ways and attended Brown University as a 27 year-old single mom. I’ve led an arts festival, an afterschool arts non-profit, and a regional nonprofit that advocates for walkable, housing dense places. In July 2022, I’ll join Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley as their director of resident services and community engagement.”

Please visit my LinkedIn page for more about me.