Diego For All Neighbors is an independent community campaign for Ward 9,
Providence City Council.

I am a proud Elmwood neighbor, high school teacher, father, and social worker. At work, I connect students and parents with the resources they need to thrive. As your City Councilor, I will work to bring our neighborhood the resources we deserve.

My work is based on a simple premise: listen closely and provide useful, accurate information. My experiences as a social worker and peer recovery coach taught me that people already know what they need to succeed. They do not all have the time or the right connections to get there.

Ward 9 neighbors already know what they need to succeed:

  1. more affordable housing and energy
  2. great education for kids, in and after school
  3. better police and community relationships
  4. safer streets and sidewalks

Read about my policy goals and watch my interviews

As your City Councilor, I’ll help connect you with all available city services and state programs – from special education for your child to programs that bring down the cost of your utilities.

We can achieve these goals by working together, sharing skills, and building resources to benefit one another. This is why I’m running as an independent “For All Neighbors.”

Contact me any time!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 401-612-6415 (call or text)

As your City Councilor, I will work to bring our neighborhood the resources we deserve.

Diego Arene-Morley

Request Help

Need help accessing a State or city service like junk removal, voter registration, or special education for your child? Let me help! Submit a confidential constituent services e-ticket.

Improve Ward 9

View my legislative priorities to lower the cost of rent, reset police-community relations, fix sidewalks and roads, reduce residential energy costs, and improve Providence Public Schools.


Donate to our community campaign directly in accordance with Rhode Island General Law 17-25.

This campaign is committed to the highest transparency standards. View my real time budget tracker here.

We are Neighbors for Diego!

“Our neighborhood has been neglected for many years, but I believe Diego is a young person who truly cares about the community. He will bring the change we need to Providence City Council.”
Ward 9 Neighbor, Senator Ana Quezada

“I’m a climate researcher. I study how we can transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. Diego came to me for input. He did not brush these issues off. He asked a lot of questions, talked with other experts in the field, and came up with a really great idea for community solar. Diego looks beyond conventional policies and towards things that work.” Ward 9 Neighbor, Jun

“I’m voting for Diego because he truly cares about community issues and puts in the hard work to listen, advocate, and take action. I find him to be a unique candidate because he is willing to take risks and try out new ideas no matter which side of the political spectrum they come. He is a breath of fresh air in our polarized world.”
Ward 9 Neighbor, Mikail

“As a friend and prior colleague, I can say one thing about Diego: the needs of others are of concern to him. You might not always get what you want, but you’ll always get his best … You are going to be voting for a good man who is interested in helping and being productive.” Ward 9 Neighbor, Kevin

“Diego is not an everyday politician—he listens to neighbors, learns from them, and fights for things that people actually need.” Ward 9 Neighbor, Jonesy

“Ward 9 is a good neighborhood and Diego is a good neighbor. He is the right person to serve our entire community on City Council.” Ward 9 Neighbor, April

“As an organizer fighting for social justice for 25 years, I am voting for Diego because he will bring transparency back to the City of Providence.” Ward 9 Neighbor, John

“Diego is the right candidate to bring people together and serve the whole community.” Ward 9 Neighbor, Carol